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HAIRGASM™ Long Hair Growth CareThe Longtime Hairgasm Specialist LMLonghairs™


HAIRGASM®TM The Salon & Online Store

International Salon and Worldwide Mailorder catalog... since 1979 

Official Trademark Original Manfacturer & Distributor of Everything HairgasmTM ®

World Famous Long Hair HAIR-N-CARE-SALON

Products Formulator that really cares!

The Long & Growing Hair SpecialistTM ®

 Alternative Long and Growing Hair Salon...start up or begin with a little consultation.


Just passing by? Already at the door? Sometimes she is in session or busy. Try to see her by calling. Phone 416-963-9995 or Text via 416-837-4729 or Email longhairs @ rogers . com or Buzz the doorbell and wait. Pssst free samples if you call text or email ...thank you kindly:-)


More than just "something natural" .. These  Ethically Made Organic Hairgasm Long Hair Product Line and Nutrients Specially created by: DoctorLonghairs  SOLD for Decades USA and WORLDWIDE.
THE World Famous Hairgasm® Brand

Come Alive!! ...Grow Longer Stronger Faster BETTER long hair.


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