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The "Quickie Products-Only" Search

The "Quickie" Products Search will find any products with names or SKUs matching your search text, and does not search within bundles/kits.

* tip: If you know the name of the product you are looking for, this search is for you. Type the most relevant portion of the name, such as "Magicpack" or "Lip balm". If you aren't as familiar with our products, try searching for things like "shampoo", "beginner" or "comb". If these kinds of searches aren't what you are looking for, try the "Detailed" Products Search...

The "Details Kits 'n' Descriptions" Products Search

The "Detailed" Products Search will find any products with names, SKU's or descriptions matching your search text, including searching within bundles/kits.

* tip: Detailed searches are best when trying to find products of a certain type, and you want to include bundles/kits that have those products in them. So a search for "scalp oil" would show all products with names and/or descriptions containing the text "scalp oil", and also all bundles that contain those products. Because the detailed search also looks in descriptions, it is also good for searching symptoms, such as "dry hair" or "split ends".

The "Absolutely Anything Anywhere" Search

The "Everything" Search will find your text in product names and descriptions, search within bundles/kits, search sku's and search in regular page content.

* tip: Everything means "everything". Treat this search like a product search, and you will get both products and information related to your search.

The "Content Text Pages Only" Search

The "Content Only" Search will find any text pages on the site (such as FAQ's) matching your search text.

* tip: Just looking for information? This search returns matches from our content pages (including the "FAQ" section).

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