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#27 Longhairs® Chillout Purifying Spray

SKU: 911-0

#27 Longhairs® Chillout Purifying Spray

The awesome multitasking Chillout Purifying Skin and Scalp Mist!

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A-1 oz #27 With Sprayer (SKU: 911-A) $6.50
B-2 oz #27 With Sprayer (SKU: 911-B) $12.00
C-4 oz With Sprayer (SKU: 911-C) $23.00
D-8 oz #27 With Sprayer (SKU: 911-D) $42.00
DR-8 oz #27 Refiller (SKU: 911-DR) $41.00
E-16 oz Refiller (SKU: 911-E) $80.00
E-32 oz Queen Refiller (SKU: 119-F) $160.00

2 testimonial(s) for this item

This Chillout is a miracle! My dogs love it in their ears, on their feet, and we do too!
oh and our scalps!
My son's acne is greatly improved with a dot of scalp oil on the bump and then applies #27 Chillout spray all day. Thank You!!

- Marla P

BC Canada

Louise-Marie I have had skin problems and acne for my whole life, and I've tried all remedies. Now, all I do is spritz with your #27 Chill-out spray and apply some of your Calendula cream, and my face is clear and radiant and the skin is healthier and stronger than it has EVER BEEN! THANK YOU Louise!!! Julia from Toronto

- Julia


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