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#10B-ME Longhairs® Long Hair Conditioner Treatment For Norm to Oily

SKU: 711ME-10B

#10B-ME Longhairs® Long Hair Conditioner Treatment For  Norm to Oily

Use this with our shampoos and Flexipick for by Longhairs® Hairgasm® very best results!!for Normal or Oily hair.
This is our conditioner for beginners and members replenishing supply.For curly haired and/OR straight and/OR wavy and/OR coloured and/OR excessively processed and/OR stressed and/OR fragile and/OR relaxed and/OR Black hair. Kindly see Beginners Kits section to your left under products. Normal Moisture Level:-)
#10B-ME Longhairs Hairgasm Long and Growing Hair Specialist® Protein-Moisture Long Hair Organic Basic Long Hair Conditioner from The Longhairs® BTN Duo. Normal to oily hair types. Protects and nourishes, stimulates growth, shine, and texture control with lots of movement. Organic and chemical-free/prevents problems like split ends breakage tangles and frizzies.

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4 testimonial(s) for this item

This 10--ME is the best darned conditioner I've ever used!
This is the first time my hair has been this soft an shiny without little knots filled with strands of lint in them.
My X-long hair is soo happy and I wear it out all the time now:-)

- Jennifer


10B-ME ...I used this for the first time today and I found it delightful. It is lighter and silkier than your previous version. My hair feels really silky. It is even more beautiful than the original.

LC longtime member

You're probably going to think I'm a bit nuts now asking to extend the appointment until a later date again ...... however, I have realized that I love my hair the way it is (long hair!) and I can just chill out on getting it cut just yet ....... this always happens to me when I start working in an office again ...... the thing is, I'm using more of your product now too (I'm showering more often now that I'm working ... go figure), and the product keeps my hair in good stead (it is cutting down the frizz factor, and actually keeps it kind of shaped too). Thanks for your flexibility

- Jules

Male curly-haired from Toronto

I just love my "#10-B-ME Longhairs® Protein Daily Long Hair Conditioner"... and here's why: I've been using this conditioner since 4 months and my hair has not only grown till below my waist (i.e. 3-4 inches) but the texture is smoother , less split ends to worry about and it looks much better than having poker straight hair thats been through a straightner! I use this conditioner in combination with the #2 Superclear Balance Shampoo. Louise Marie has done all the science so you just need to use it as she tells you to! J.Kaur


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DSCF0039sNewbies please see LONGHAIRS® BEGINNER KITS TO START-UP RIGHT. A masterful super silky n smooth detangling conditioner especially for long hair, problem hair,  and those who are growing long hair. It offers very specific benefits of our special proteins. #10B-ME re-enlivens dead hair, prevents split ends, contributes to a perfect scalp when use with system, namely our shamps, horn combs Flexipick #18, and of course our methods.

Longhairs® products are creations made with care and expertise and experience by Louise Marie Longhairs®, and Hairgasm ® a company that is always growing, always knowing what great natural long and growing hair likes and needs.

Nothing mediocre here.

#10B-ME is made for daily and frequent use, has multiple uses and is most effective if used as directed with our other products:#18 oil and our shampoos using our technique and our methods of treatment that we've made it for.




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