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DocLonghairs Elixer Liqu 1 2 3 and 4 5 Pwdr Chelators Detoxers Water-Assimilation Tools

SKU: volrkjc-0

Volcanos 1 through 5...

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Magic Volc 4 Chel 300gm (SKU: volrkjc-CHELATE-300) $55.00
Magic Volc 4 Chel 600gm bulk (SKU: volrkjc-CHELATE-600) $110.00
Volc 1 Drops 3 mo 50ml (SKU: volrkjc-WAT-50) $58.00
Volc 1 Drops 6 mo 100ml (SKU: volrkjc-WAT-100) $110.00
Volc 2 Liquid 250 ml (SKU: volrkjc-WCLR-250) $55.00
Volc 3 Liquid 250 ml (SKU: volrkjc-BLKPP-100) $50.00
Volc 5 Nutrient Detox Anti-Candida-Parasitic Pwdr 600g (SKU: volrkjc-nutr-pur-600g) $80.00
Volcs 4 or 5 Powdr Storage Jar Only (SKU: volrkjc-Jar) $25.00

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Remind me! I'm bringing you in a $100 tip! Thank you! Yayyyyy! Good effects from your VOLC4 chelation powder!! OMG I am wearing my blouse tucked in. Haven't done that in years. You did what a thousand sit-ups couldn't... I've got a waistline again!! 3 weeks in at your recommended 2tbsp twice a day..taken in water. I haven't brushed teeth with it yet, but i will. Somehow it got things really moving. A calmer digestive system...Tummy going down, more solid stools same frequency., i have much less gas.. pretty good progress for thinking everythjng was just fine before!! Perhaps we are getting rid of blocked toxins and hormones trapped inside my digestive tract. Works way better than the kits from the health food store. Absolutely. By the way thanks for the beautiful hair as well!!! BulkBarn-Bonnie from the boonies

- BulkBarn-Bonnie

the boonies

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