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#11 MagicSpray for Brushing and Curls

SKU: 711-11

Longhairs® Leave-In, Leave-On, Refreshing, Scrunching, Brushing Aid, Conditioning Spray that is only sprayed on dry, not wet hair a few times a week or on the brush before brushing or without brushing..straight thru curlyhaired favorite. Especially useful under the nape areas and concentrating on the very surface and ends. Also see our Pure Org Rose Oils Rose Magicspray #11-R


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A-1 oz (SKU: 711-11A) $4.50
A-1 oz Rose Magic (SKU: 711-11-AR) $5.00
B-2 oz (SKU: 711-11B) $8.50
B-2 oz Rose Magic (SKU: 711-11BR) $9.00
C-4 oz (SKU: 711-11C) $16.00
C-4 oz Rose Magic (SKU: 711-11CR) $16.50
D-8 oz (SKU: 711-11D) $30.00
D-8 oz Rose Magic (SKU: 711-11DR) $30.50
E-16 oz Refiller (SKU: 711-11E) $59.00
F-32 oz (SKU: 711-11F) $116.00
F-32 oz Rose Magic (SKU: 711-11FR) $117.00

2 testimonial(s) for this item

I would die without this product, I use it on my body too, it stops my neck from showing my age!

On my curly hair it tames the wildness, it seems to deposit and not coat, my hands still feel clean after using it.

Love it! My crazy hair doesn't break any more!

Someone who goes to you gave Magic Spray to me as a gift now I use BTN and oils and everything!


- G.V.


Remembering my first love Magic Spray #11. First let me tell you I am Black American woman and recently went natural (no chemicals) a couple of years ago. Recurrent issues with dryness, tangles and breakage was severely driving me towards using chemicals again to ease my hair routine process. Then I remembered some years ago using your #11 Magic Spray on my relaxed hair and loving the results. So I decided to give it a try on my natural 4C hair texture. After a week of use I fell in love with my hair again. My hair is soft, combable (a NO for 4C hair) and moisturized. Thank you for delivering clean healthy products and maintaining your formulas. I don't have to resort to dangerous chemicals just to detangle my hair. It use to take me 4 hours to detangle my hair. Who has time for that?! #magicsprayforlife Hasina B USA

- Hasina B


Have you used and loved this product before? How about writing a testimonial?