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DocLonghairsŪ Silica Silicea 5XD 6 Months

SKU: 3531-6BUN

750 ml total Thickens hairs up to 20% improves quality of hair and skin and nails by 100% in 6 months, continues benefiting patient internally and externally as long as is taken. Improves hair growth and sheen.Prevents brittleness and dryness. Works best in combination with our Blood Nutrients Non-Salts. Strengthens connective tissue, all organs and skin stimulates cells great for stomach and bowel problems but you don't need a problem to take it.

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DocLonghairsŪ Silica (Silky-yeah!) Concentrate 5XD   
125 ml 5XD (Amazing)3511-125-USP6$32.00 

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1 testimonial(s) for this item

Hello Everyone, I have had cystic acne for as long as I remember.
I have tried everything.
Louise Marie Longhairs' Silica gel and her Non-salts Scrubs is the bomb!

Here is what, upon her advise, I do:
When I get a breakout, I use her Silica Jelly as a mask and a spot treatment. I also take it internally with her Nonsalts Brine preparation.
Once the infection heals in 1-2 days, then I use one of the following Non-Salts Scrubs in the mornings.
Day 1 redness lessens.
Day 2 50% reduction
Day 3 80% reduction,pores seem finer and dead skin quickly disappears.

Magic Healing Mud once a week, then I include these others alternating:
Sunny Mand-O-Rine
Simple n Silky
Sunny Calm-O-Mile
My boyfriend really likes Sunny Calm-O-Mile because he really feels it work on him, and he loves the extra grit for extra grind! He came out of the shower and said 'Feel how smooth my BIG nose is!!'

Genevienne L Toronto Canada

- Genevienne L

Toronto Canada

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